Yuletide Libations Ale - Extract

Yuletide Libations Ale - Extract

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Product Description

Enjoy this holiday offering providing aromas of the season and cheer in a bottle from Brewer Dude!

Setting it all off is a rich, reddish-amber hue that is perfectly complemented by charming cinnamon, ginger, and holiday spice accents.

Once you experience the enigmatic spiciness and crisp mouthfeel of this delectable holiday brew you’ll notice a captivating blend of flavors, with no less than six malts– Munich Malt Extract, Golden Light Malt Extract, Bavarian Wheat Malt Extract, Caramel 30, Caramel 20, Caramunich III and Special Belgian - imbuing the brew with their distinctive tastes.

The Yuletide Libations Ale Kit is a true “winter warmer” with an ABV of 8.5% making the brew both interesting and instilling it with a host of other holiday fare.

There is no mistaking the seasonal flavors and quality in this hand-made to order kit that make this one of the best Christmas beers you can brew.