Rewards Point Program

How it Works:
1-Earn points dollar for dollar. If an items price is $14.75, you'll receive 14 points.
2-Earned points are available to use as soon as your order ships.
3-There is no minimum point threshold you need to obtain before you can use your points.
4-To redeem points, during checkout you'll be prompted to consume your point balance as a method of payment. Partial payments are allowed, you'll pay with a credit card for the difference.
5-Redemption values are 1 point = .07 cents. Example, you have 100 points. During checkout you choose to use points to pay for your item of $14.75. Since 100 points equates to $7, you'll have a remaining balance of $7.75 to pay.
6-Points DO expire! Please use your points within 120 days.
7-Points may not be eligible on all items. We will indicate on the items page if it's not eligible, or we will plainly advertise the same in promotional materials.
8-If you are eligible for another discount program, such as Homebrew Club Members, Breweries, etc ... you will not be able to accrue any points.
9-We reserve the right to change this program at any time. Since this is a new program for us, we may change it based on our customers experience.