Welcome New Brewer!

Welcome New Brewer!

Starting a new hobby like brewing beer can seem daunting at first.  But with some simple planning it is actually very easy.

Most simply the production of beer goes like this:

  1. A sweet sugary substance is prepared by either steeping malted grains (all grain brewing) or adding malt concentrate to water (extract brewing).
  2. This sweet sugary substance (called wort) is boiled and hops are added during specific times to achieve certain flavors.
  3. The wort is cooled down and a specific yeast for that beer style is added to begin the fermentation.
  4. After the fermentation is over (usually 3-4 weeks), a small bit of sugar is added back and the beer is immediately bottled.
  5. Over a 2 week period, remaining yeasts in the beer consume that small amount of sugar which carbonates your delicious brew!


Pick out a Brewer Dude Extract Kit. The best way to get started is by brewing extract beers.  You can always scale up to All Grain brewing but it requires more equipment.  So before you sink you hard earned money into equipment, lets make sure you like brewing first.


Lucky for you, Brewer Dude extract kits come with every ingredient you need to make beer. 

But just like you can't cook at home without pots and pans, you cannot make beer without equipment either. But we've made it easy for you, we've put the equipment you need in a single inexpensive kit.  You can use this equipment again and again. The only thing not in these equipment kits is a standard kitchen pot capable of holding 4 gallons of water. Since those are in practically every household kitchen, we've eliminated the cost of them from our kits.

Ready to buy your equipment kit?

We highly recommend this inexpensive kit:

The Basic Starter Kit (Code: K3)

If you absolutely don't have a kitchen pot then we can help you there too.

This 5 Gallon (20 Quart) Brewing Kettle (code: 5725) will get you started.


Your equipment kit will brew and prepare your beer.  However when it comes time to serving your beer, you'll probably need some bottles.  Standard 12 ounce bottles are most often used.  On an extremely tight budget you can use well sanitized used 2 liter soda bottles. You can also wash and sanitize used 12 ounce beer bottles, just make sure that they were not "twist off top" bottles.  Your equipment kit will have a bottle capper, so purchase new caps when you buy a beer kit to make sure you have some on hand when it comes time to bottle your beer.

Click Here for some bottle caps.

If you'd like to save yourself a headache trying to scrape off bottle labels or clean out dirty bottles, you can purchase new bottles that you can use over and over.

Click Here for new bottles.


We're glad you asked. One of our favorite books is How To Brew by John Palmer. This guy is such an AMAZING person that he actually put the first edition of that book online for FREE. Read this information! howtobrew.com

Outside of that knowledge you're welcome to contact us. Emails are the slowest form of communication but we get to it.  You may want to call or send us a Facebook message.