Mirror Twin - Homebrew Haze - ALL GRAIN

Mirror Twin - Homebrew Haze - ALL GRAIN



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Product Description

The namesake of the brewery, Derek DeFranco, is a true Mirror Twin.  Derek is a right-handed twin to his left-handed twin brother. Mirror Twin believes that every great dream begins with a dreamer. They will push and pull on your taste buds, and challenge the way you taste beer, think of beer and celebrate beer.

The Mirror Twin Homebrew Haze Kit is packed with hops.  Nearly a whopping 2 pounds of hops to satisfy the hop head and hazy crazy within you.  10 ounces of Mosaic, 10 ounces of Amarillo, 11.25 ounces Citra.

The value of the hops alone is $98! 

Packed with citrus and tropical fruit character this juicy, hazy and intensely delicious beer will leave you dreaming your own dreams and change the way you see homebrew.

Enjoy this authentic kit from Mirror Twin.  
Keep dreaming. Keep challenging. Keep pushing. Keep drinking.