Level Up Brewing Kit

Level Up Brewing Kit

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Product Description

Are you ready to step up your brewing game? Do you want to improve the quality of your beers? Are you contemplating submitting your beers to brewing competitions? If so, this kit is for you.

It’s never easy making good beer.  It’s even harder making great beer.  We’ve packed our Level Up kit to help get you those results time and time again.

This kit is for the Pro Brewer waiting to Level Up in you!

This kit includes;
  • Your choice of brewing book writing by award winning authors! (see excerpts below)
  • Foam Control for controlling boil overs and out of control fermentations
  • Whirlfloc Tablets (10 pack) which is a coagulant that improves wort clarity for a cleaner fermentation
  • Adjustable Length Beer/Wine Sample Tube (wine thief), used to take samples of beer from fermenters for testing.
  • Hydrometer for measuring potential alcohol
  • Testing Jar for holding beer/wort when measuring gravity
  • Liquid Biofine, used by many commercial breweries, it is one of the most effective methods to clear a beer and ensure clarity without having to filter it.