Goblin Grog Pumpkin Ale - ALL GRAIN

Goblin Grog Pumpkin Ale - ALL GRAIN

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Product Description

That time of year is approaching. The leaves are changing, there’s some crispness in the air, and our thirst for fall flavors starts to gnaw at us. This devilishly good pumpkin ale will satisfy your craving.

Can you make a pumpkin ale without pumpkin? Sure, and many do…but we don’t. It does involve a bit more work to prepare the pumpkin, but we think it’s worth it. When it’s combined with a tasty blend of malts and a mixture of fall spices, this beer will have you ushering in the fall in grand style!

•    This beer is a bit more involved beer to brew, and is not recommended for your first brew. Use of a yeast starter is recommended with liquid yeast or instead use two packets of dry yeast. You will also need access to an oven to cook the pumpkin puree.