Bottle Tray Shipping Kit for Competitions

Bottle Tray Shipping Kit for Competitions

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Product Description

Have you struggled to find the best method to package beer bottles to mail away for a competition? Put off by the packaging frustration to send in your award deserving beer? Don't let that hold you back any longer!

These trays are made from recycled pulp paper, they are very durable, and they eliminate the need for all that bubble wrap, plastic, styrofoam, and packing peanuts when you are shipping your beer.

One tray holds two 12oz bottles, and acts as the bottom.  A second tray is placed to protect the top of the bottles.

If desired, you can ship only 1 bottle by using 1 tray folded over.

Note: Purchase includes two trays (one for the top, one for the bottom) for shipping two bottles.