Blue Stallion Hefeweizen - All Grain

Blue Stallion Hefeweizen - All Grain



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Product Description

Blue Stallion Brewing Company specializes in making the finest German lagers and British Ales focusing on traditional brewing techniques and ingredients.

Beer is their passion and it shows in the quality of the beer.

Offering a large tap room and 15 BBL Brewhouse, Blue Stallion puts a hand-made tough on all their beers using the finest ingredients available: incredible local water, yeast strains from around the world, Noble hops, and the world's best malted barley.

Nobody could explain this beer better than Kevin Patterson in Lexington, Ky:

"With the tendencies to always create uniqueness in the contemporary craft beer market, sometimes comfort can be found in the classic styles. Blue Stallion's Hefeweizen is one such beer- as the southern German style boasts a tremendous amount of complexity, variety and charm and does so on an effortless bready base.

Blue Stallion's rendition pour with a tall and slender column, shedding a creamy, pillowy white froth. Deeply golden in its hue, the beer's scent is redolent with sugar cookie, citrus, banana, clove, vanilla and soft minty hops. To taste, the bready-sweet flavor is creamy, savory, doughy and confection-like.

As the taste transpires, the sweetness relaxes slowly and keeps the session bready and sweet. As the fruit esters emerge, banana flavor leads the pack with a quick follow-up of lemon, apple, orange and cantaloup. Counter to the fruit are the spices of clove, white pepper, vanilla and faint cumin. Trailing hops are subtle and offers a mild minty, grassy, spicy bitterness to accessorize the yeast spices and help to balance the residual malt and fruit flavors.

Medium-bodied from start to finish, the beer's expressive carbonation keeps the wheat fluffy, creamy and lush. Its smooth texture lends a high rate of drinkability with its refreshing, thirst-quenching properties. A short aftertaste of banana and clove provide brief echoes of flavors after the sweetness has faded."