Schroaders Amber Marzen - All Grain

Schroaders Amber Marzen - All Grain

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Product Description

A reddish colored beer that brings a strong German malt aroma. Hersbrucker is subtle in the background and rounds out this excellent example of a true Oktoberfest Style Marzen.

The Marzen style beer is a lager (uses bottom fermented yeast at cooler temperatures) which has more body than a pale lager but packed with a crisp malt flavor that is a beautiful amber color.

Marzen Beers essentially means March Beers.  They were the last beers brewed in March, since brewing during the summer was both unwanted and not allowed. Remember that during those times, there was no refrigeration!  Marzen beers have higher levels of alcohol and hops to help it survive the underground summer storage.

These delicious beers were consumed in the fall.

Fast forward to the year 1810 when the Crown Price of Bavaria got married. Guess what yummy beer they had an abundance of? You guessed it, Marzen beer! The marriage was celebrated by all and enjoyed so much that it was celebrated annually.  Thus Oktoberfest began.  And these beers eventually began picking up the name "Oktoberfest Beer".  However, only beer made within the city limits of Munich can have the name "Oktoberfest".  All others can only say Oktoberfest "Style".

The Schroaders Amber Marzen is our classic rendition of that style.