Rock House Brewery - Uncle Jon's Brown Ale - Extract

Rock House Brewery - Uncle Jon's Brown Ale - Extract



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Product Description

This is Kentucky Heritage deconstructed into a beer. Here Rock House Brewery has turned hemp seed and rye grain into a highly popular brown ale.

You will enjoy the light sweet scents with strong suggestions of chocolate and coffee.

The forward malt flavor balances the toasty grains while hints of rye appear in the complex aromas while hemp seeds give a distant nutty flavor.

Brewing this satisfying rendition of Rock House Brewery's brown ale will leave you with something to brag about.

What's Included:
  • All Liquid Malts
  • All Specialty Grains
  • Dry Yeast with optional liquid yeast upgrade.
  • Any additional brewing adjuncts required.
  • Hemp Seeds
  • All hops needed for recipe.