2019 Sweepstakes Giveaway

Official Rules: We'd like to change the way you homebrew! Sign up for our 2019 Sweepstakes Giveaway and you could be the winner of a new BrewZilla electric brewing system!

Winning is easy, just follow the link enter your email below and sign up for our newsletter. When we conduct our sweepstakes drawing, everyone on our email list will receive an entry. The subscriber will be selected at random by an accounting firm as the winner.

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1. Law of the land: This sweepstakes is null and void if it doesn’t comply with laws in your area. Sorry, closing your eyes doesn’t work!
2. Privacy Policy: Please see the privacy section on our site for our company wide policies. In short, you’re signing up for our newsletter in which we will use to send you offers, amazing news, life changing deals, and correspondence that we think you really want to read. We’ll never share it with others, sell it, or use one of those shady services that collect your customers data to sell overseas.
3. Eligibility Requirements: THIS IS THE REAL IMPORTANT PART! --> You must be on our email list at the time of drawing in order to be chosen. If you unsubscribe, we can’t choose you. You also need to be 21 since you’ll be making good beer, and a lot of it, with this system. Sorry, only people in the U.S. are eligible. AND we’re double sorry for the customers living in Alaska & Hawaii, it’s expensive to ship to you and therefore you’re not eligible for this promotion.
4. Response to Notifications: We’re going to use every method available to notify you that you’re the winner. But we just can’t wait too long for you to reply. We’re not special investigators, but if we have a phone number we’ll call, email address we’ll email, we’ll send you a direct message via twitter, Facebook, etc.
5. No purchase necessary. Sure you can shop elsewhere, but we’re convinced you shouldn’t. No hard feelings though, you can win either way.
6. Promotion Details. This promotion starts on Jan 1st, 2019 and ends Nov 30th, 2019. You can earn an entry for following us on Twitter, one for Liking us on Facebook and one for subscribing to our newsletter.
7. Winner releases: Winners must sign affidavit of eligibility, liability and publicity releases with our right to use, display and publish the winners name, location, photo and other likeness in any and all promotional materials. In other words, we could make you so famous that people may actually write your name in the “write-in candidate box” during the next election.
8. Further releases: The winner must release Brewer Dude from and against all liability with respect to tax liabilities, claims, demands and losses of any nature. In other words, if you burn the "she shed" down, it's all your fault.
9. 1099 release: The IRS mandates that the value of a sweepstakes prize should be included in the winner’s gross income. If the value of the prize is $600 or more, and it is, we must issue Form 1099.