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GrowlerWerks Pressurized Copper Growler - 128 oz

GrowlerWerks Pressurized Copper Growler - 128 oz

Code: GL706


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Product Description

On the go or at home, the uKeg is a mini keg that keeps your beer cold and fresh. The keg comes with a pressure gauge and CO2 cartridges to keep the beer carbonated, and a faucet to easily dispense your beer.

  • Adjustable CO2 regulator built into lid keeps beer carbonated. Silver dial on top allows you to adjust from 0-15 psi.
  • Built in tap allows you to easily pour beer any time you want and included tap lock prevents the flow of beer when you don't.
  • Mounted sight glass allows you to see how much beer you have left.
  • Durable Double-Wall Vacuum-insulated Stainless Steel keeps beer cold all day!
  • 128 oz uses 16 gram CO2 cartridges.
  • 128 oz - 6.8 in x 9.3 in x 11.9 in