We've seen many changes in our craft over the years. One change that has caught my attention is big business moving into the homebrewing industry. These transformations can benefit consumers but they come with some negative results. I want to offer customers what they may not get elsewhere.

  • I want you to have the greatest variety of choices. We'll keep all in stock that we can, but I'll try my best to list products we can quickly order to save you time searching.
  • At-cost shipping. It burns me to see companies pad shipping prices because they weren't honest enough to charge you what they needed to make off the product itself. We won't do that. If we overcharge for shipping we'll credit you account for the difference.
  • Accurate inventory. Our inventory will show you what we have in stock, so you know beforehand if you'll have items on backorder.
  • No sales gimmicks. We won't have "half off" sales on items priced twice as much as everyone else.
  • We'll have a Social Responsibility program, give to charities and work toward "green business" solutions.

Lastly, we are a family run business. The underlying drive to open this store is within the fact that I've adopted 5 small foster children that we didn’t expect to do. Their special needs inspired me to start a business I’m passionate about and allows me to be close to assist our children. They need me, and I need you. And if we do business right, you'll need us. The concept behind divulging so much of my private life is so you'll know the dollar you spend with us matters, it's not going into the pockets of global corporate giant. You'll make a difference to us and together we'll make a difference to others.